1962 Our very first jazz club in da neighborhood…
OUR FIRST JAZZCLUB IN WITIKON-ZURICH 1963 f.l.t.r. BEAT KENNEL,dr ART RINGGER,b H.R.GIGER,p (Alien...) and RAINER SCHLÄFLI,ts There I also got in contact with pianist MARCEL BERNASCONI
1964 Backstage-Painting 3m x 2m (Dispersion-colors) by BEAT KENNEL when he was graduating as grafic designer
Yeah! Thats H.R.Giger, the well known painter and creator (and Oscar-winner) of da figure "ALIEN"... He was in those times musically addicted to McCoy Tyner's style.
The guys from da neighbourhood...1962 v.l.t.r. Beat Kennel,dr Peter Rechsteiner,as Richard Motschmann,p Art Ringger,b