In 1969, we started BAZILLUS (Music Organisation)
MARCEL BERNASCONI and BEAT KENNEL had 1968 the crazy idea to open a jazzclub in Zurich. BEAT was at that time still in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The first layout-poster for the advertising: We new allready, that the authority of zuerich will make us problems...anyone who tried to open a club had to go through hell by regulations of the building police
Actually BEAT KENNEL has being inspirated from one of the best jazzclubs in europe in those times: the JAZZHUS MONTMARTRE in copenhagen. DEXTER GORDON, BEN WEBSTER, ELLA, TOOTIE HEATH, KENNY DREW a.o. stayed in this beautiful town for years.
That's how we started
Our first international act was ROLAND RAHSAAN KIRK's VIBRATION SOCIETY with DICK GRIFFIN,tb RON BURTON,p VERNON MARTIN,B and HAROLD WHITE dr. at the Limmathaus 23rd February 1970. On the same evening: JAZZ ROCK EXPERIENCE w/H. KENNEL, B. SPOERRI a.o
Zurich, monday 23 february 1970: Kirk Bazillus-live concert at Limmathaus Foto: (don't know)
One of the first Open Air Fesivals in Switzerland! F.e. the DAVE PIKE SET (Pike/Kriegel/Rettenbacher/ Baumeister) ABDULLAH IBRAHIM (Dollar Brand...) a.o.
Band: KROKODIL Musicians: Walty Anselmo,g Düde Dürst,dr Hardy Hepp, violin+ organ, Terence Stevens,b Mojo Weideli (M.harp+fl)
On stage: SCHLÜNTZ with Anreas Vollenweider,fl Anne Christiansen,voc Bandleader Marcel Bernasconi,p Gion Cresta,b Beat Kennel,dr. Foto by: Georg Staehelin, Zuerich
Beat (Kennel)goes on (Marcel Bernasconi leaves Bazillus) with a crazy project: KREISMUSIK (Circlemusic) with compositions by Ole Thilo (DK). All in all 5O Musicians, on 4 stages in each corner. The public and conductor in the center.
Composer OLE THILO in the middle of the audience conducts four Bands in each corner of the concert hall... Foto by: Pia Funder,Kopenhagen
WIEBEFETZTER WORKSHOP live concert april, 27th 1971 at "Weisser Wind", Zürich. There was not much space... so we builted a special "doubblestage" Foto by: Pia Funder,Kopenhagen
Here all the menbers of WIEBELFETZTER WORKSHOP 71