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Gene Perla
Gene Perla
Contrabass, eBass
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I'm excited about my musical prospects in 2007.  Today (14 Feb 07) I'm off to Mexico to play with my old Berklee School chum R.B. Kapp and a new friend, the exciting Cuban pianist Gabriel Hernandez.  The Fine Wine Trio will be performing a series of concerts around Mexico.

After that, I'm back in the States to continue my teaching duties at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  I teach two music business courses that I designed.  Artists Management and Record Production & Marketing.  This is my 7th year at Lehigh.

In May, R.B. and I are going to Paris for the month.  During that time he and I have a blues gig near Zurich, Switzerland.  Also, for you Bazillus fans, the "new" Stone Mash will play a funk gig on 18 May.  This will be the first time that I'll be playing with my old Stone Alliance compatriot Steve Grossman.  It should prove interesting.

In July, I'll be conducting the Hamburg, Germany NDR Big Band that will be playing my arranged tunes.  What's really special about this project is that it features Elvin Jones.  Yes, that's right, Elvin.  He and I went into the studio over 30 years ago and recorded ten tunes, just piano and drums.  Now, the Big Band will lay in some horns.  Can't wait to hear it.

In November, the Fine Wine Trio will appear at the San Miguel de Allende International Jazz & Blues Festival.  Sprinkled in between these activities will be the continuation of several projects that I'm producing at my home studio "The System" which includes several new albums and DVDs.  Stay tuned.

Stone Alliance "Arfonk"
Stone Alliance "Enya"